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Flush Door
Flush doors are the unique choice for almost all types of buildings - residential, commercial, institutional, high-rise and other construction and architectural buildings.  The details given in this page are designed to help you decide the right choice that meets your needs and tastes. 
Broadly, there are two kinds of flush doors - the ecolax core door with a timber frame covered over with plywood / hardboard and with ecolax filler door.  The latter may have either a large number of timber reapers. We at Biz International , have chosen solid ecolax board as the core for our FLUSH DOOR in view of its strength, sturdiness and durability.
Technical Details
1 ) Hw Doors
Wooden flush door consist of a block board core bounded with cross band and veneer faces constructed on both the sides.
    As per IS: 10013 and IS:401, timber is chemically treated and vacuum pressured. This process strengthens the timber by making it not only durable but also borer, termite and fungi free. Wood is generally seasoned at the automatic kiln seasoning plant as per IS:1144, substantially reducing moisture as per standard requirement mentioned in the IS:287. It is further bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin, 100% boiling water resistance as per IS:848 and hot pressed at high temperature under uniform pressure.
Hw Doors
2 ) Ecolax Boards
Ecolax boards are manufactured with selected species of soft and medium hard wood particles: the particles are dried, graded and mixed with Urea Formaldehyde resin and pressed at high temperature and pressured into boards of required thickness.  As the particles are carefully graded and glued together with thermosetting resin, there are no voids to harbour insects and fungal.  This treatment makes our flush doors anti-bore and anti-termite. Since the particles are random-oriented, the finished boards has almost equal strength in all directions compared to ordinary timber, whose strength values along and across the grains are vastly different.   The particle board is available in sizes much larger than what is normally feasible with natural timbers.
It is extra smooth uniform cores offer relief from telegraphy impression. This is widely used core material to fill doors worldwide.
  1. No telegraphy (waviness) on surface of doors
  2. Lower in weight as compare to hardwood core doors:
  3. Best finish for applying Laminate or veneer on it
  4. Environment friendly doors.
  5. Borer and termite free.
Ecolax Boards
3 ) Pine (Devdar) Doors
  1. No telegraphy (waviness) on surface of doors
  2. Lower in weight as compare to hardwood core doors:
  3. Borer and termite free.
Resin coating : The finished door may be given a coat of Phenol Formaldehyde all over: the trade believes that such a coating improves the weather-resistance of the door, making it External Grade suitable for use in special locations like bathrooms, balcony.
Pine (Devdar) Doors
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